hey guys, muse are a great band, one who inspires me when im writing my own stuff. I was wondering how Matt plays the intro to map of the problematique and what effects he uses. The song is amazing and that intro blows my mind. Anyone know what he uses and technique?
MIDI controlled Whammy methinks. So he only has to play a single chord and the whammy changes the pitch according to the MIDI
Deffinately not delay.
Best bet would be a backing track.
But ive seen some very convincing sounds for the intro coming from the Digitech Turbo Flange on youtube.
Given the rigs used now versus the rigs used on the Absolution tour, one can only assume that there are sequencers involved.

To be perfectly honest, it's not terribly difficult to recreate the effect with some interesting picking patterns (it's similar to the bass line in Butterflies and Hurricanes), though I can never get it quite crisp enough.
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