I have wanted to start a band for awhile and noticed people are just to lazy and nobody is getting the style of music i am thinking. Also to get my friend off his butt i thought well we will make a concept album. After many ideas we ran threw we found one the easiest about how i got my friends old gf and now he hates us.

My friend is a great writer and plays drums. I play guitar and will do the singing.

But i thought of a very creative way to have this album. There will be 2.
The first album is his point of view and the second is my point of view. They will have one song that is the crossing point. He punched me in the face. So the intros and other parts of the songs will be the same but then they split making 2 different songs.

Album 1-His cd's emotions goes from good to bad to numb
Track 1-Upbeat Electronic Pop
Track 2- Ambient unreal out of place
Track 3- Maybe a interlude if no song is written
Track 4- Angry Fast, Rush of negative energy
Track 5- Dark, Slow

Album 2-Gets bad to good
Track 1-Wants the girl he cant have
Track 2-Mad about how he treats her
Track 3- Maybe interlude
Track 4- Cant be real she likes me, ambient
Track 5- Upbeat not sure if i want to do electronic may take to much time so i will do what feels upbeat to me

So how does this sound is it a good idea? Please feed back would be great
i dont want to hear anything about some girlfriend WAY TOO OVER DONE AND PUSSIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh I dunno, I quite like the idea.
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you gotta come up with something unique if you're going to do an album like this.....this girlfriend thing is very cliche......plus once she does the same thing to you that you did to your friend, you're not even going to like it
After many ideas we ran threw we found one the easiest about how i got my friends old gf and now he hates us.

You mean she?... Right/?
personally i'm not a fan of the concept album concept. just write whats real and natural and what you have is the result.
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Yea you guys are right the gf is very cliche its just i me and my friend were trying to go with a concept album idea and why not right about something right in our faces.
I dont think it will ever be finished just a few songs done then. I wanted to touch on most genres of music. I want a Fall of Troy and Coheed feel to most songs then the others like a Weezer feel or The Strokes