Anyone else excited about this game? It just came out today but I sadly I wont have it in my hands until next wednesday and even that is a bummer because I have to go straight to work after I cash my check and buy the thing. For those who dont know about it it's the "prequel" to symphony of the night redone in 3d which also comes with sotn which also includes the original game (Rondo of blood, never released in america). This game is the whole reason for why I bought a psp! I saw this thing in a magazine and I knew I had to have it, what's even better is the new psp's now have a (legal) tv out setting so that makes the experience even better! Discuss caslevania/ the game here...god I cant wait
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Rondo of Blood is the sickest game in the world. The soundtrack is amazing.

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Symphony of the Night owned..I actually bought it off ebay last year for like $50 for my PS2 because I sold it like 7 years ago. There's a lesson, never sell old good games.