Ok so im really into extreme sports... any of them i can get my hands. But i have just been made aware of a sport called mountainboarding. Looks freaking sweet i live in a rural town in alabama so skate boarding biking and rollerblading spots are slim to none. But with mountain boarding we have so many places around here that i see could be much fun and many trips to the hospital. (got to love the pain anyways i wanted to know if anyone has a board and if so any tips on me buying one? I got a budget of about 300 set aside for this!
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I've got one, but i dont use it much, it always seemed too much hard work trekking all the way up to the top of a hill..

I've got a tip - Don't use it on roads.. it hurts
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Holy hell, that is the primest example of a rambling idiot trying to sound intelligent Ive ever seen, and I just sat through four years of Bush!
I know all about some road rash! I live on top of a hill and well my little brother loves riding the 4 wheeler so put two and two together add a rope and i got myself a bitching good time. Btw does anybody remember that game road rash... how awesome would it be to remake that game on a next gen console haha. rockinlewis what kind of board do you have and any particular brand any better than the other?
With fat friends there are no see-saws.. just catapults!
It looks fun, but there's nowhere here where I won't end up dead for trying.

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yeah i do 300 dollars or punds

He lives in Alabama, so you'd assume dollars.
No, but I used to watch Rocket Power a lot.

Does that count?
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I read the thread title as "mountain beard" and thought this thread was going to be about rugged facial hair

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yeah, i ride.

I recomend a scrub or a lower end mbs for a first time board
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MBS should be good

Core 95 maybe?
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