As you know we hear about all these crappy music awards that are going around these days. So i thought UG could do our own, now this thread is just for nominating the shortlisted bands/artists/songs whatever any way each award will have 5 shortlisted choices who will be selected on the basis of a nomination and a second, you may only nominate or second once in each catagory. E.g. you could nominate Fall out boy for best band...but couldn't come back and second green day later one but you could nominate fall out boy for best band and second green day for best live act in you wanted.
Also you can nominate for the same band in different qualities so you could nominate muse, for best band, best european band and best live act if you wanted.

Here are the awards:
Best Band - any band any nation
Best European Band - same as above but europe only
Best North American Band - Canada or the US only
Best international band - for want of a better term, any band outside of North America or Europe is eligable
Best Live Act - whose concert rocked your socks
Best Male artist - obvious really anything from Justin Timberlake to Paverotti to Steve Vai is elligable here
Best Female Artist - same as above but minus penis and add boobies
Best Album
Best Single - it has to be a released single not just a track by a band
Best Music Video
Best Guitarist
Best Bassist
Best singer
Best Drummer
Best Songwriter
Biggest contribution to Music.

I'll leave this open until all nominations are secured, then the voting thread will be open. Have fun everyone!

p.s. if you have any other ideas for catagories please PM me to consider.
oh and please label your nominations clearly,

No identifiable catagory. No nomination.

Also don't restrict yourself, hell if you want your best songwriter to be mozart go for it.
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nope any decade
best bassist: Les Claypool
Best European band: Muse
Best male artist: Basshunter
best drummer: Niel Pert
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if you were truly a fangirl would you not know that muse in european, not north american? :P

edit: nevvver mind, statement was retracted
Best Band - Symphony X
Best European Band - Nightwish
Best North American Band - Foo Fighters
Best international band - John Butler Trio
Best Live Act - Muse
Best Male artist - Amy Winehouse.
Best Female Artist - Tarja Turunen
Best Album - Foo Fighters - Echoes Silence Patience & Grace
Best Single - Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver
Best Music Video - Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver
Best Guitarist - John Petrucci of Dream Theater
Best Bassist - Mickey Waters of The Answer
Best singer - Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica
Best Drummer - Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy
Best Songwriter - Victor Smolski (composer of the Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into The Light album)
Biggest contribution to Music - Queen
Best Band - Opeth
Best European Band - Opeth
Best North American Band - Megadeth
Best international band - AC/DC
Best Live Act - Nine Inch Nails
Best Male artist - Paul Gilbert

Best Female Artist - No idea
Best Album - Get out of my yard
Best Single - Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Best Music Video - Sabotage by the beastie boys
Best Guitarist - Paul Gilbert

Best Bassist - No idea
Best singer - No idea
Best Drummer - No idea
Best Songwriter - No idea
Biggest contribution to Music - No idea
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Best Band - Pink Floyd
Best European Band - The Beatles
Best North American Band - They Might Be Giants
Best international band - Dir En Grey
Best Live Act - The Flaming Lips
Best Male artist - Colin Hay
Best Female Artist - Jenny Lewis
Best Album - Radiohead - OK Computer
Best Single - Blur - Song 2
Best Music Video - Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Best Guitarist - Omar Rodriegez Lopez
Best Bassist - Mike Dirnt
Best singer - Stephen Malkmus
Best Drummer - Keith Moon
Best Songwriter - Freddie Mercury
Biggest contribution to Music. - Iggy And The stooges
Couldn't you just do it like the UG awards and just count everyone's votes? You still have to count them all to make a shortlist and it'd probably be more fair too.


Best Band - Tool
Best European Band - Opeth
Best North American Band - Tool
Best international band - God Is An Astronaut
Best Live Act - Metallica
Best Male artist - Steve Vai
Best Female Artist - Norah Jones
Best Album - Tool - Lateralus
Best Single - Insomnium - Mortal Share
Best Music Video - Tool - Parabola
Best Guitarist - Steve Vai
Best Bassist - Justin Chancellor
Best singer - Dustin Kensrue
Best Drummer - Danny Carey
Best Songwriter - Mikael Akerfeldt
Biggest contribution to Music - Brian Eno
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Best female artist?

I'm stuck between joss stone and amy winehouse... i'll go with Winehouse, cause her band is so fricken awesome.

Amny winehouse for best female artists.
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This is all I can think of for this year:

Here are the awards:
Best Band - Manic Street Preachers
Best European Band - Darkthrone
Best North American Band - Deftones
Best International Band - CSS "Cansei de Ser Sexy"
Best Live Act - N/A
Best Male artist - Jamie T
Best Female Artist - Kate Nash
Best Album - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow [by] Coheed and Cambria
Best Single - Either Way Remix [by] The Twang feat. Mike Skinner and Pro Green
Best Music Video - Had Enough [by] The Enemy
Best Guitarist - Karl Sanders [of] Nile
Best Bassist - N/A
Best Singer - Jack Peñate
Best Drummer - Matt Tong [of] Bloc Party
Best Songwriter - Justin K. Broadrick [of] Jesu
Biggest Contribution To Music - James Dean Bradfield [of] Manic Street Preachers
Here are mine:
Best Band - The Beatles
Best European Band - Radiohead
Best North American Band - The White Stripes
Best international band - Justice
Best Live Act - The White Stripes
Best Male artist - John Lennon
Best Female Artist - Alanis Morissette
Best Album - The White Album - The Beatles
Best Single - House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
Best Music Video - Blur - Coffee & TV
Best Guitarist - Jack White
Best Bassist - Les Claypool
Best singer - Freddie Mercury
Best Drummer - John Bonham
Best Songwriter - Bob Dylan
Biggest contribution to Music - The Beatles
This is all I can think of for this year:

Is it just for this year, threadstarter?
Best Band - Brand New
Best European Band - Radiohead
Best North American Band - Brand New
Best Live Act - Brand New
Best Album - Brand New - Deja Entendu
Best singer - Jesse Lacey
Best Songwriter - Jesse Lacey (of Brand New)
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Is it just for this year, threadstarter?

I just assumed it. Because awards usually are.
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Best thread ever?

Dude, this looks disorganised, neaten it up. Good idea though.

Post your nominations then.
After considering the idea of having to count twice, this will be the voting thread and i was do final tallys on the votes placed here, i will count posts that are given for the next 14 days.