Hey guys. I'm new here and my knowledge of guitars is very limited. I am thinking of selling my Jackson Surfcaster. It is in near perfect condition except for a tiny chip in the paint right by the tone dial (see last pic). How much do you think this guitar worth? I bought it for about $600 (3 years ago) and as I understand it, the Jackson Surcaster is no longer in production. Does this increase the value at all? Anyway, here are the pics. Tell me what you think.


its worth about $34.95 now, i'll buy it off you though
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It's all about necessity. Of course you are going to want to sell it for well... $600, but that is probably not going to happen. You for sure will not get more then what you payed for it, if that is what you are asking. But I'd go with between $400 - $500 and see if you can find anyone that wants to buy it. If not, you may want to lower your price, or maybe reconsider that it is not worth selling to you...
some guy tried selling that in my shop the other day and my boss told him he didnt even want the crap. sry dude
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No, it's not worth 600 or 500 dollars (whatever you said)

Probably around 50 bucks or something...

Save yourself the torture of finding someone to buy it: Burn it
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