Intro - What is this I see haunting my dreams,
Blackest eyes staring into me,
Fear takes over I begin to shake,
Take heed my warning I won't ever wake.
Death is here now but I fear no more,
Only fear there is is of unknown,
I see my fate but I see no ending,
I shall walk the Earth on this dark morning

Verse: I feel the fires of hell tonight,
Bound by the chains for eternity,
I'll walk the eEarth til the end of time,
Taking the dead for their souls are now mine.

Take heed this warning,
Your time shall come!

Chorus: See the 4 Horsemen,
They ride tonight,
For the sun shall not rise anymore
War, Famine, Pestilence and Death
shall rain down on thee
On this...dark...Morning!

Verse: Night after night I am living thru death,
Prayer is now useless for you all are damned
7 days falling to eternal pain
Hopelessly praying for what heaven will bring


These are some lyrics I wrote a month ago about, I'm pretty critical of my lyrics so give constructive criticism and let me know what you think
sorry man, lyrics are cliched. i wouldnt listen to the song for more than ten seconds unless the riff grabs me by the neck and throttles me. i suggest you make the lyrics more epic, try hiding stuff in them. dont write about the four horsemen unless they're just making a cameo appearance
dont b sorry man, thats y im doin this, i know my lyrics need work, thanks for the input though

writing lyrics is hard lol