i'm looking for a chorus...to sweeten up chords, but have that ability to get kind of a nirvana chorus out of it...
something durable.
i'm playing out of an epiphone les paul custom through a fender hot rod deluxe
i'm also looking for a delay, possibly a boss dd-6? not sure..any reccomendations on both
please, under $200 each i'm on a budget.
i play a wide variety of music so something that will go well with anything.
but i'll mainly use these pedals with moderate gain or clean settings.
Well if you want a nivarna sound it only makes sense to reccomen the small clone..
As for delay not sure, DD6 is supposed to be good. Look into the echohead too.
Erm, there's the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. Great delay pedal with built in chorus and vibrato! Really nice sounding pedal...

However, if you're after seperate pedals, the Boss DD-3 (or DD-6 if you want the extra features) and a good chorus would be good. There's better delays out there for under $200, but I just can't be bothered to think of any right now
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I thought Curt used an EHX Small Clone.

Edit: Ah, someone beat me to it.

I'm a big fan of the Danelectro Cool Cat. Very versitile, although haven't tried to get a Nirvana like tone out of it yet.
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EHX Deluxe Memory Man does chorus and delay doesn't it? If you wanted separate pedals then look into the EHX #1 Echo
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