I found an old banjo, and since no one else used it I thought I could borrow it for some time. Since I have fingerpicked on the guitar for a while, getting started wasn't all that hard. The only problem is finding banjo songs that isn't bluegrass, since I don't listen to that kind of genre that much.
I've seen that John Butler Trio and Sufjan Stevens uses it in some of their songs, but it's hard to find tabs.

Someone else who has a suggestion of different artists/bands?

Thank you!
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maybe some modest mouse
certain songs
the white stripes "little ghost"
well a banjo does have a certain timbre to it that makes it inclined to that type of music (well that and the stigma of it having been used for country/bluegrass for god knows how long) i suggest plucking out songs on it that weren't written for the banjo/Bluegrass (seriously, throw down on some fade to black or stairway or even some ac/dc) you'll start thinking of it as more so a different sounding instrument than just something to be used in country/bluegrass music (this topic is funny because i have a section in a "metal/hard rock" song i'm working on where i want a banjo to arpeggiate the chords underneath the bar chords but i don't have one)


Primus uses some banjo in a couple songs as does ministry. neither of the are bluegrass.
Ummmmmmmmmm anything by Bela Fleck, and of course, the Flecktones.
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What type of banjo is it? 5 string resonator (a bluegrass banjo) or a tenor banjo (tuned like a guitar). There are loads of different types aswell, could be an open back, used for clawhammer banjo.