Hey guys. Check out my user profile on UG, i have a cover up of Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns n Roses. Its very old, done about a year ago. Crit it, and I will crit yours.

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Good work on that, mate. I like it.

I'm thinking of doing a cover of Sweet Child with my band.. 'Course I won't be singing as high as Axl, but who the heck can? Lol

Once again, great job

The intro is a bit wrong. I think it's missing a note. But other than that great cover.

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Hi! Crit yours, u crit mine? cause people often seem to forget that xD

Very nice cover! I dont see why mothership thought the intro was wrong, its indeed not exactly the same as the original but who cares if it sounds amazing anyway?? Your tone rocks, i like the chorusy effect on the intro/lead guitar..
Your band is very good, very well coordinated, the instruments merge flawlessly.. The only thing you need is a great vocalist to match your great instrumentalists

Very good cover overall, cheers!
Crit my covers? The links are in my signature, there's two..

Mix is perfect!

The bass has too much chorus on it though, it detracts from the bassline a little.

I can see what mothership was on about, it does sound like there's a missing note, but it's not that big of a deal.

Good solid cover, well done

[if you get chance, please crit my track]

Pretty good cover! Everything's in tempo and the kinda-improv-kinda-real solo was awesome! Nice tone, but probably lay off the chorus a bit, or maybe add a little more gain. How about a crit on some of my covers? It's in my profile btw.
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