If this is the wrong forum then screw me and call me your daddy because Ive done searches and I cant find the answer.

By searches I went looking at a few forums to find stickies but I couldnt find them so....

I need a backing track of Fugue in Eb Minor by Malmsteen and Guitarbt doesnt have it.

So how do I make it myself? How do I get rid of the lead lines? I need it for a performance Im doing in December.

Help please.
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get guitar pro 5. dont get the free version, use a filesharing site like bittorrent or limewire or something to get the full version if you dont want to pay for it.

download the guitar pro tab from here

open the file, select the track you want to play yourself, and either delete the track, mute the track, or reduce the volume to 0
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Is there a guitar pro/powertab transcription of it?

If there is, take the parts you're gonna play out of the score, and convert it to a MIDI. It had crappy instrument sounds but it's better than nothing.
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