I have a few questions about the VOX AD30VT Amplifier. Well, I'm looking to buy my first amplifier and I'm looking in the $200-$350 range, and I've heard some good things about this amp. I'm mainly looking to play rock along the lines on RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, and John Frusciante, so a little distortion is good, but I also want some good clean sounds.

So, my first question is that I've heard that there are a few reliability issues with this amp. Mainly the input jack falling into the amp. Another thing is that I've read people have had problems where the amp will emit no sound, though it'll stay on. When I was playing this amp the other day at the store, I think it did the same thing. I was switching between the settings and had it turned on the Boutique Cln setting and it made no sound, it wasn't until I turned the Gain up a little bit before I even got any sound, and the Master and Volume knobs were turned up about halfway too. Is this a problem with the amp or is that just the way the amp is supposed to be? (Again, I'm not too familiar with amps)

My other question is about the tube inside. So it has a tube in the preamp, but the rest is solid-state? So is it a hybrid amp then? And my last question is, how quickly should the tube wear out and how much would it cost to get it replaced with an equivalent tube?

Thanks for any advice.
Its a great little amp, I've had mine for ages now.

Firstly, yes it is a hybrid. You shouldn't really ever have to replace the tube, maybe after years and years.

Mine has had no problems so far, although apparently the input jack problem is fairly common it is easily fixed. Just treat it carefully and if it gets loose tighten it before it falls through.

All the amp models make no sound when the gain is on zero I think (I'll check in a mo). The cleaner amp models need some gain otherwise they are very quiet.

So basically, buy one
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An alternative for you to try would be the Roland Cube. Don't buy effects pedals for either amp, as they are not needed. Also look into the Peavey Transtube series. Don't consider MG's and Line 6 Spiders.
^ Well you might need/want a Wah or something but other than that pretty much all effects are covered
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crate palomino v16 should be good, excellent cleans, good distortion, maybe add an od pedal
thanks for the response, and if any other AD30VT owners could give their opinion, I'd appreciate it
I had an AD30VT for my son. I sold it and replaced it with a Crate V16. It was a brilliant move.

Not that the Vox is a bad amp, it just doesn't match up well when pitted against a real tube amp. For the styles you mention, the V16 would be a great choice.

The Vox does have some cheapness to it. The input jack never gave on me, but I could see how it could. The speaker isn't so hot. The clean channels have significantly lower output than the higher gain channels, that's a characteristic of the amp. The tube is actually part of the power section of the amp, not the preamp. It's a unique design. Like I said, not bad - but not all tube, either.
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ive also narrowed this amp down to the one that im going to purchase. ive checked out valvetronix.net (which u should definelty do fooshontay if u havent already)
and the amp seems to have a great user community, like a kind band fan site or something, and the sounds samples their and everything were awesome, seems like a great amp and just about the perfect thing im after.

the one thing im worried about is the power of the 30 watter, as my band and i will be playing small gigs in the coming months following our ep release.
i would love to buy the 50 watter and be safe but i dont know if ill have that much money for at least a month (start of december), and we start playing shows in a week. so really i want to know if the 30 watter still stand the small gig test,
sometimes it might not be micked up, but it wouldnt be in a club tho if that were the case. what if i pluged a 20 watt peavey bass amp out of it as well?

thats about the only gripe i have with the amp, i played a 15 in my local store and it was sweet, it seems like the perfect amp, all round rock too, i heard some pretty good metal samples on valvetronix.net, and thats without pedals.
it seems like u can squeeze any sound u want out of the thing, but excels in classic crunch and overdrive. i think u should buy it as well frooshoon, we can be added to the great Vox Valtronix owners community lol

as soon as i get mine im going to experiment the hell out of it and really tweak it to the max, and combine it with my pedals to see what i can create. do tell me if u do buy it any way, and if some people could clarify that gig thing thatd be great (its not a heavymetal gig either lol)
i had a AD 30 and i loved it. bought it a year ago. but then i wanted to upgrade to tubes and i got a fender blues junior for 400 bux at guitar center. another good move. if its your first amp defe go with the AD30 because of the stuff you play.
I have one, It seems real good.

A possibility on that seemingly to quiet thing is that on the back of the amp there is a knob for the amount of power you want the amp to put out. Check that at the store before sitting down. That may have been what caused the quietness.

And yes, gain all the way down is no sound at all.
i think what tou need to realise is that gain refers to volume, in most cases pre amp volume, so you need a little bit for there to be anything for the power amp to boost but a small bit isn't going to distort your sound
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I have the same problem where there is a HUGE volume difference between two amp models/effects until I barely tap the gain knob.
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An alternative for you to try would be the Roland Cube. Don't buy effects pedals for either amp, as they are not needed. Also look into the Peavey Transtube series. Don't consider MG's and Line 6 Spiders.

"Don't consider MG's and Line 6 Spiders"

I couldn't have said it better myself. However, I could have posted it better.
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Sorry if this is considered pointless posting, but I honestly can't stress this enough. While the Line 6 should have been expected to suck, sometimes people are fooled by the MG series simply because they bear the Marshall name. MG's are a disgrace to Marshall's proud reputation. Avoid these amps. Roland Cube's are decent (my dad uses a Roland Cube 20x, and it's great for a solid state amp). Also, stay away from Fender's solid state amps, specifically the Front Man series, which rivals the MG and Spider series for the crown of ****
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i say go for the vox. I have one (50 watt, not 30) and it plays beutifully, its also the most reliable peice of equipment in my setup, my guitar and all my pedals have failed me on numerous occasions, but never my AD50. also, i got it for around $325 after haggling with the music store, so if you do that, it would be in your price range.
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