i know this may be a dumb question...but ive been wondering, i play using alternate picking most of the time, for me, at my skill level its just the best and most comfortable, so i know you can play alternate picking on single strings like :


but ive been wondering if you can also use alternate picking for more 'heavier' stuff, like for instance 'Prison' from SOAD :

0-1-0-1-0-1-0---1-0-1-0-1----------- etc.

d u d u d u d d u d u d

is it possible to play it this way without is sounding 'crappy' ??

thnx in advance
so you can only play one direction....?

like d d d d d d the whole time?
There is a unique sound to both strumming down and up. When you strum up you hit the higher notes first.

If you wanted too you could just strum down the whole time and then once your comfortable with a song try strumming up and down.

It just takes practice but once you get used to it, it wont sound crappy