I've recorded one of my own songs"theres a solo that comes in around 3mins50secs that I'm quite proud of :P )

they're on http://www.myspace.com/garyd1991

my original one is called "bob" but theres also 2 others I made and then theres The Flinstones theme tune :P

Could you tell me what you think of "Bob" please and what I could improve on
(I know its a bit long but mehh)

solo thingy sounds awesome and kinda like A7X

bob is even better!

well done! love the solo and tone

how to improve: add vocals, drums, bass of course. with just guitar the riff start getting a tad repetitive. other than that its great stuff

i like the flintstones one, maybe you could do the rest of the song? but to be honest i were you i wouldnt be bothered

untitled is good also but needs more than guitar to make it good to listen to

all in all you are very talented and can write uber riffs

can you tell me how you recorded these songs please? and how to harmonise ? (which intervals you use etc)

good luck at being next big metal band and finding a singer and bassist
thanks everyone

if any of you know a bassist/singer and now even a drummer from Glasgow, could you let me know please lol (worth a shot)

I used dropped-d tuning (DADGBE) and harmonised in 3rds, so if one guitar plays a D the other plays an F (since it was in Dminor)
I recorded it with a line 6 toneport UX1 > http://line6.com/toneportux1/
it comes with "Ableton Live Lite" - not the best program but its alright

A7X and especially older Trivium are probz like 2 of my biggest influences on that song so maybe thats how I sound like them so much :P
recording on bob sounded pretty good, playing was good.
As for the song =sounds like most of the metalcore stuff out their to be honest, i knew exactly how you were gonna harmonize and what root note you were gonna play next,just try and make it sound bit more different.
however i do like the little harmonies you played at 1.08 ,made it sound more abit more different.
and the chorus at 1.50 sounds like avenged sevendfolds "chapter four.
the solo was pretty cool.
crits:just try and make it abit more original.
not the whole song was harmonised...only the sweeping part at the start of the solo and the bit at the start and end, I harmonised the octave parts after playing it twice...but always played the same chord or root note.
the riff about 1 minute into the song is intence. you have accurate picking! and the solo is sick dude. i won't bother pointing out anything wrong with it since there isnt hahaha

buy a boss br-600. drums, bass simulator, built in condensor mics, mastering tools. you won't be disappointed.

or if you're into the computer recording stuff, get a line 6 toneport and then download drumkits from hell. everything you need once again with this thing.

those are the 2 biggest "bang for your buck" things i can advise you to get.

check out my stuff on my UG profile if you get the chance. and nice job

EDIT: i just read that you already have a toneport. get drumkits from hell!


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Hey garyd7.
Bob - i like it. its very modern metal, something i dont like that much. especially the harmonizing, i prefer that kinda thing in context with say something like thin lizzy. anyway, your playing is good. I like the paul gilbert esque riff that you throw in(throughout the song and at 5.26). Solo is cool, although just be careful that your bending up to the correct notes. Some sounded a little off yes/no? Also, get some drum/bass to that and your really flying, nice work.

Flintsones - just cool, nothing more or less lol

Solo thingy - nice picking technique at the beginning. 20-30 seconds sounds a little 'lazy'. i think there should be more notes being played or something. also, again i think that some of your bends were sounding off. or at least some sounding better than others. Still good tho.

Untitled 1 - i will just end saying that Bob is better than this one, as they similar.

Best of luck completing your band line up etc, nice playing, and well done.
This is awesome. Great job!

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Thanks and btw, what is this "drumkits from hell", I tried googling it but I don't think I got the right thing back :S