looking at these, they seem very versatile, durable and priced very generously. But i play a lot of 80s metal, hair and thrash is mostly the heaviest i play, some newer stuff but not really, mostly 80s. So Im just curious if this amp can be pushed into that territory on its own or with a pedal, and if it can how does it sound? Does it put out that good tight chuggy bottom end? Or does it flail and thin out? Any help appreciated.
actually, i've heard the opposite about theire durability. i've heard from a lot of people that they have reliability issues. I also heard that the amp just gets really loud, not a whole lot tone wise, very tinny and generic sounding. but in any case, u should try one out and see if you like it.
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i used to own a c30, and no, it cant be pushed into metal territory. It kinda has that sterile cleans voicing to it. And it wont get you tight chugs either. Well simply, its not meant for metal.
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if you are talking about the same amp im thinking of, it has a solid state preamp, and tube power (no not the other way around) i almost bought one at a pawn shop, but after not being able to get a single decent clean tone from it i passed. I dont really remember the gain though, i was more worried about cleans.

edit: this is the amp we're talking about right?

(sorry for the ebay link)
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I think alot of opinions on the Classic is wrong.

The classic is all-tube, pre and power. Its got great cleans (warmer, darker) maybe not as nice as a fender, but nicer than a marshall (just for terms of comparison)

But it will definatly not go in to metal territory.