you did a good job on making it sound like radiohead.
i guess youre using a classical guitar... i dont like the sound of it much.
thanks guys...Yes, i used a classical guitar and tuned it a half step sown...I liked the sound of it anyway:P...
I love this song too, and I have to say - good cover. Nothing revolutionary of course, but nice acoustic cover and the vocals suit it amazingly. Just a thought (and you don't need to take this in, but I'm saying it anyways), at times the end consonants of words aren't emphasized enough so some words become a little unintelligible at times. But maybe you like it that way.
we know a place no spaceships go
Thanks Kimby I know what you mean..I wasn't sure about what I should do in that part, but finally, I decided to do it this way, it gave a better feeling in my opninion, some more power...thanks about the vocals