I've been a classical guitarist my whole life, trained in the National conservatory of Lebanon for five years . I was actually pretty good and received a kind of Classical guitar degree comparable to a highschool diploma, when I was forced by international events of an "explosive" nature to stop my training right before I was supposed to get into the Amazing stuff. I haven't studied formally for about three years now. I have since moved to the United States where I plan to continue/ pick up/restart? studying the classical guitar at a University here next academic year. I may be wrong, but with 5 years of classical training behind me, I think I am a little better off than somebody who plays Eruption as an audition piece, so I am hoping to qualify for a performance scholarship at the university that I'm auditioning at. I plan on spending this year getting an audition repertoire down cold and ready for that. So this is where I'm hoping to gain advice from anyone out there who knows. What kind of music should I audition with? should I go more for Compostitions or Etudes? How many different periods shold I cover? Should I go as far back as Renaissance or start from Baroque? Also, This is probably due to the fact that My education was tragically cut short, but I somewhat lack familiarity with most modern classical guitar music. Can anyone reccomend me some 20th century Contemporary classical guitar music to look at worthy of a university Audition?

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
I can't, but a teacher who's had university experience can, and will be worth it. Seek carefully, is my advice.