I recently got a VOX guitar that was my uncle's before he passed away. It is shaped like a les paul however it does not have any sort of number or anything on it, just VOX in big letters on the headstock.
its got all the original stuff except for a seymour duncan mule pickup which i added to it, because the other was broken and new strings of course, but it has the original case and inner workings.

Firstly i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this type of guitar like how many where made and stuff, or point me where to go.

Also if i where to sell it at some point down the line how much does anyone think i can get for it.
VOX guitars are amazing and highly collectible. I would keep it if I were you, but if you want it appraised, contact gruhn guitars.
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sweet. pics?
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I'l take a picture tomorow, because i am really quite tired and can't be bothered to find my camera
i found a VOX white shadow in a shop near where i live its really worn and dinged and heavily tobacco stained it put me off until i played it it was great
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