programs to download free music?

I've tried limewire but that Java $hit really F@cks up my computer.

So, what are some good programs to download free music from?

Which programs would you recommend?
torrents ftw!

i use BitComet
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You're downloading music illegally! I'M TELLING!
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Torrents ftw
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Torrents. I automatically assume you're a n00bie because you asked this question. I explained the details on how to do it in the last thread like this, but I'm not gonna go search it out. It's really easy though--just google it.

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Yes, torrents FTW. Although now that Oink is gone, I'm kind of mad, first Demonoid, now this!
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Soulseek anyone?
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screw utorrent! they can track you down with that, seriously, use azureus
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screw utorrent! they can track you down with that, seriously, use azureus

And you think they can't track you with Azureus?

Ahh, to be young and naive...
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Terribly made site, great idea.
Only music I've downloaded in ages - I'm on the straight and narrow now.
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Soulseek FTW

Though it's very irritating when the person you're downloading from decides to sign off halfway through it...