I have been inspired by the "Most overated review thread" that this might actually be a good idea for some reason. I don't know about the rest of you but i believe each movie "crittic" is full of **** and its a matter of who donates the most money. The idea is simple, we the U.G. community voice our oppinions over CURRENTLY playing movies in the hopes that we save some body from blowing $10's (thats how much it costs me) on something that was over hyped and blows.
Here is the crteria for how this should be posted,

1. The type of movie (romance, horror, etc, etc) should be listed also who stars in it.

2. it can not be a simple "This sucked" or "Greatest movie ever". mention things that you liked and/or disliked about the movie. Use an x out of ten scale to rate the movie at the bottom of your post.

3. Keep the posts as straight to the point as possible.

4. Finally do not flame people for their opinions, people like different things get over it. This would also make it harder for people trying to get some opinions on a movie, which was the orriginal reason why this thread was made.
American Psycho
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