i wanna start recording....
but im on a buget i was thinking getting a zoom
any other ideas?
cheers stew
my gear:
jackson dk2m
ibanez grg170dx.
peavey vyper 15
warwick corvette 5 string
ashdown 5 15
well what are you planning to record?

The older zoom has XLR inputs and costs more
The newer zoom has great mics and features but no XLR inputs for mics.

Both are limited as you cannot edit your songs...well actually the new zoom works as an interface so you can edit...

I suggest something like a Toneport UX1 or if you want something better....this mackie firewire interface will work great


We need to know what you plan to record, (both now and in the future) as well as a budget.
The zooms are around the price of the Mackie unit and IMO the Mackie is the best firewire interface out there for the price right now.

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