Hi, this is my first upload. This song (you can probably already tell by the title) was inspired by Megadeth. It's unfinished but the main riff is there. Well please let me know what you think of it.
Warhead...Mass Destruction.zip
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OK basis for a full song but needs alot of work in my honest opinion.
It seems quite repetitive and really slow imo, needs jazzing up abit. Maybe if you complete the whole thing and give us a look my idea's might change.

6/10 Has potential

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Ok thanks. I will do some more work on it and post it again. I have some more ideas for songs that I am going to post, so check them out too.
yeah, it is quite repetitive. It really does need to be completed, not just the guitar though, it needs the rest of the band as well. Those last three bars, imo, sound rather like Blackmail the Universe by Megadeth
not a bad start, but really needs to be finished