I want to install gold covers on a couple pickups that never had em. I've heard of just putting the thing on and soldering it there, but I've also heard of covering the non adjustable poles with electricians tape to eliminate microphonic problems, any thoughts?
Most covers will be held on purely by the pickup's magnets I believe
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^ not true, from what I've heard, seen and done. but I have heard of people doing it that way and I'd think thatd allow for alot worse micophonics.

I'm just hypothesizing here, but I think that the microphonics would have something to do with the cover rattling against the covered pole pieces, and so taping them first would eliminate rattling, and therefore microphonics.

Someone smarter than me, any opinions?

PS wow, I can type alot faster and more accurately after playing guitar for a while.
you need to solder them on and wax pot them so the cover doesnt move outside the influence of the coil.

microphonics happen when the cover (or coil) move with the sound vibration produced in your amp, the coils pick up this movement because it happens under a magnetic field, so you get a particularly unpleasant sound as a result.
the pu is already potted and it was very expensive, so I'd be very hesitant to try and re-pot it with a cover on. the cover fits really tight though, so that should help prevent it from vibrating too much right? And if I put electricians tape over the non-adjustable poles, shouldn't I be fine?
you need wax
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you still need to pot it, even if it is already potted, that doesnt matter, if you dont you'll still get horrible microphonics. its not hard, there's even instructional videos on it...