CLONE THE FRAGILE are a five piece mosh metal band from Leeds, UK. they started in 2003 and released their debut EP "Eternal Struggle" through 'Thirty Days Of Night' records in 2006. They’ve now signed to 'Siege of Amida' records and are planning a full length CD for January 2008.

Clone The Fragile have played with the following bands you might like:
Terror(US), Walls Of Jericho(US), Gorerotted(UK), Cryptopsy(CAN), Job For A Cowboy (US), Sworn Enemy (US), Knuckledust(UK), The BreakxIn(UK), 100 Demons(US), Death Before Dishonor(US), Hoods(US), I Killed The Prom Queen(AUS), Parkway Drive(AUS), Scars Of Tomorrow(US), Bring Me The Horizon(UK), The Seventh Cross(UK), Special Move (UK), Awoken(UK), Eternal Lord(UK), Raise The Dead(UK)

and are playing shows with the following over the next few months:
Black My Heart(US), Ted Maul(UK), Chaos Blood(UK), Viatrohpy(UK), xAFBx (US).

thats their bio from last.fm.

I think they are alright. Maybe a little above average the typical genericore out their, but ive only heard 3 songs.