I was gonna get tix to see paramore at ram's head live in baltimore, md on 11-23
but they sold out!
Is there anything I could do?
Like call Oprah or something?
I really wanted to go.
i r in teh baltimore areaz


i'm seeing maylene and the sons of disaster next week at rams head
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Go anyways, there's probably going to be someone there with extra tickets that you can buy. And it'll only cost you about 25% of what you would've payed.
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or go to the crazy people that hang outside venues selling tickets
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Well theres nothing I can do for you there besides fake empathy.

So....man that sucks.
get one off a scalper, check craigslist or try to get one off ebay
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the only "Big" band that still plays in clubs i can think of was into eternity

i mean they were just touring huge venues with dream theater
now theyre touring clubs all over the country
ebay doesn't have em yet and other places have em for like 150+
I might go to another venue eventually.
Hayley Wots-her-face doesnt look so good without all the makeup and professional camera crew. She's so pale and pasty...
Absolutely you should call Oprah. I'm sure she has nothing better to do then to get you to see Paramore.
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2% of all the tickets should be available the day of the show. In my state that's the law. Just get to the box office before anyone the day of the show, and maybe you'll score some.
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