I want to start playing thru the circle of fifths like piano players do. What is the chord progression to do this? I know the circle of fifths but what chord progression do you play to get thru it. Such as I to V7 in C then G, I don't think thats right, but yeah.
Playing chords through the circle of 5ths isn't too difficult, just sounds off. In Major chords:

C - G - D - A - E - B - F# - (C#) Db - Ab - Eb - Bb - F - C

Play through them using the CAGED system to really get all your chords down.
Yeah I know that but I how do you apply the dominant of the next key to lead into each key? How do you do that progression?
What do you mean? How you would write it in roman numerals?

V/V - V/V - V/V - V/V - V/V - V/V and so forth.
When I play trough the circle of fifths on my piano (yes, we do that a lot ) I start on C, do a two octave scale run ascending and descending, then hit the supertonic, tonic, leading note, and then start on the relative minor.

I then do two octaves of that, and then I'm in F major, at which point I do the same supertonic-tonic-leadingtone-newtonic routine and begin another scale run.
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