Who else loves this band? The Deleo brothers with Richard Patrick from Filter, and a sick studio drummer, what could be better. I really love their blend of modern sounds wtih classic tones and styles. The drums really shine on this record too. Dean Deleo's soloing is always very tasteful, though he never shreds. Pretty impressive.
Definitely my favorite album from last year. Being a huge Filter fan and an even bigger STP fan, I have to say I like the meshing. Dean DeLeo has always been my favorite guitarists; he doesn't play fast for show, but he's skilled and has so much emotion in his solos (listen to Lady Picture Show by STP for an example). Great album, a mixture of hard rock and some soothing ballads.
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i like them too. i was a fan of both of their former bands. and though i love scott weiland, i'd have to say that i like army of anyone over velvet revolver.
i always like how Dean DeLeo uses his chords.
Yeah, I agree. Deleo's playing reminds me of David Gimlour, only in that he can put so much expression into it without getting showy. (I'm not saying their styles are terribly similar otherwise, just in that aspect). But yeah, I need to listen to more STP, I like them, but just haven't taken the time to really get into them.
two friends of mine actually caught them live at a very small venue here and said it was one of the best shows they'd been too. this coming form dudes who only have 30% of their CD collections in common. now i wasn't there, but i was told that they actually did STP and Filter songs that night as well as thier originals. the DeLeos did a pretty mean Hey Man Nice shot, and Richard Patrick sung the hell out of Wicked Garden. i really wish i had been there....
Oh man, good call on a AoA thread. I'm suprised there isn't one already.

Definitely one of my favorite super groups right now.
i've been meaning to check out aoa, glad to hear they've got some good stuff.
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