Listened to Don't Try to Run.

I think it ended well. The breakdown at about 3 minutes in with the bass was great and then lifted off again after that.

It didn't grab me entirely at the start, but there is a good riff in there and I like how the chorus where it was like the rhythm changed a little, it gave it a different spin which was pretty cool.

I liked it.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=697544 <<< MINE

I think I have natural talent for guitar because I'm left handed and I use that hand to pleasure myself. Seeing as I started playing after most of intense masturbating-teen years, the dexterity was already there.
Wow thanks a lot for the responses guys, yea the guitar and bass do need more volume, but this was mixed at home on a cheap board so the quality isn't too great, but a studio recording is planned soon