alright i got a ibanez rg 300 floyd rose trem. ernie ball super slinky 9 gauge strings. its set up in drop d tunning and the strings just seem tight to me. i got 3 springs there all straight one on the top and very bottem and one centered. everytime i mess with it trying to make the strings loser it wont stay in tune. i was using ghs boomers 9 gauge. but when i put these eb's on it just changed alot. i did a little ajusting of the neck but it didnt help the trust rode is hard to turn both ways aswell. i did some reading and some places told me i might need to take the trust rode out and clean it or something but im not sure i dont know. but id like to have a lose feeling on the neck. i dont want all that tention. i was searching other guitarist set ups like dimebag and stuff but i really cant find nothing. how can i fix my problem?
everything seems to be adjusted right. and it stays in perfect tuning even with its not locked down.
Not trying to insult your intelligence, but have you tuned with a tuner to make sure your not tuned to notes higher than normal? If you're sure thats not the problem I'd recommend taking it into an expert and having it setup. Just tell them the problem and they can figure it out. They can also adjust your truss rod and bridge (which may be causing the problem.) I wish I could give you more help, but thats all I can really tell you.

EDIT: perhaps you should switch back to your old string brand. All though strings are the same size, they can have a very different feel based on the materials and construction methods used to create them. Good luck!
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LOL yes i used a tunner to tune my guitar. im really trying to learn this all for myself and all that iv read really hasnt helped me with this problem. the guitar plays good. im prolly going to end up taking the truss rode out if i cant find a solution. from places i read it shouldnt hurt it. i think it might give the neck a new resting place. better then where its at now ya know?