i bought a mesa triple rec with a standerd straight recto cab.
when im playing this amp and i switch channels i hear a pop sound.
im playing this at really low volume, im talking 0 or like 0.1, anymore than that i can blow my house up. I have only had this amp for less than a week so havnt had a chance to truly gig it, i used it at a show 2 days ago and didnt switch channels so i didnt notice anything. but can anyone tell me why this happens? is it normal or a problem?
Is it really that much of a problem? I mean, if the pop is at the same volume when you change channels whatever your master volume is, then when your gigging your amp will drown it out. Or does it get louder the more you turn it up?

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thats the thing i dont know if it will get louder, i cant test it i will blow my house up. im just looking if anyone knows about this
I don't know of that amp in particular, but a small pop is pretty common in tube channel switching. Shouldn't be harmful.