Hey, I've been thinking a lot more about tone lately and I had some questions regarding rack gear and products I was thinking about getting once I upgrade amps.

So firstly, I was wondering where I can get a mountable case for rack gear (seen in this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=4IP6zEg2A2c ) and how exactly it stays on and if it just kind of sits there.

And secondly, I've been thinking about TC electronics equipment such as the G sharp and G major. Anyone know the quality differences and such between the two? At first I was thinking about getting just the G sharp because I wanted simply two effects at once, Delay and a modifier. But then I found out Cesar Huesca uses a G Major and I LOVE his tone to the core (mainly his clean tone). Any opinions or suggestions on which one and if there are better options besides TC?

Thanks guys.

P.S: V3 or Legacy?
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You should be able to get a decent rack case from just about any guitar shop and the units screw in: down eitherside there are rows of threaded holes that you can screw rack units into. Most units probably come with screws if they're rack mountable.
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Hmmm. Alright, cool. So does anyone know anything about the G Major and G sharp?
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams