hey guys .. im using a jcm2000 tsl head and a jcm900 slx i blew up my ht t1a fuse on my jcm2000 so i was wondering if i could switch it with the 900 head one ??
but the thing is jcm900 uses 2 T500ma fuse . Is it safe if i use that one on my jcm2000 amp ??????

thanks in adv guys !
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really, you should always use the same fuse that was in there, otherwise, if your amp is broken, and thats why it blew, putting in a larger (higher rated) fuse could be catastrophic
Hey, just go on the internet and get a new fuse. The exact same one that was in there before. And if it blows again, with the exact same fuse, then take it to the shop. Don't **** up a good amp with the wrong part. A new fuse costs about a dollar!