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I am currently looking for a new electric guitar, and I'm torn between the Fender Standard Strat HSS and the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I mainly play blues/rock and I was just wondering which guitar would be better suited for this style, and which one is more versatile. I know this is probably the most asked question about guitars, but I like both guitars, and I was wondering your opinions.

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Well I have an epiphone les paul, and since I've had it it's been great. The humbuckers are pretty good and sound good on a good amp. I'm sure its capable of playing many styles, to blues and really heavy rock. But all in all this is a pretty good budget guitar that will last you for a while.
I'd say preference. I prefer strats. But I took the middle road, and got mahogany with two humbuckers, coil tapping, and an single middle pick up.
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the strato is more versatile, but the les paul, for blues, and hard rock, i think is the best choice, be careful about epiphones, some models are not like others, i mean, some of them doesnt sound so fine
well, an epiphone les paul can play a wider range of music than a strat can.

i say if youre keeping it at blues, rock, and not too much heavy music, then go with the strat.
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i dunno, when i go with tone, i think strats may sound better that les paul epi's, although i used to own a les paul epi, loved it, but i upgraded, im not a tremolo person and im not a single coil guy so ehh, although, i like how fender plays beter, neck is thinner, gotta get used to thick necks
I own a strat, and I've played an epi LP. It really goes down to your specifications. Look back at most of the blues guitarists. There aren't really any LP players in there, since fender dominated the genre with the tone of their strats/tele's.

Now if you wanna play rock/blues, then I would have to say go for the LP. It can deliver a good amount from both worlds. The humf*ckers can deliver a bluesy tone, and when you wanna switch to rock, the humbuckers can switch to bein' agressive/heavy.
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