it seems now when i go to watch videos on youtube this shows up "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." i have downloaded the latest flash player about 7 times so it must be that my JavaScript is off. How do i turn this on?
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but yeah its fine
ok dude, if you want the easy way youre out of luck. If you want the hard way youre out of luck. If you want my way, then all you have to do is redownload Java, i had a problem with it not too long ago and all i did was download it again, so there you go.
i have the same problem. I checked my Java, and its on. Yours probably is too.

If you click help at the top of the youtube page, a bulletin will display saying its a conflict with your ad blocker, but they are working to fix it, and they are expecting to have it fixed soon.

I turned my ad blocker off and it still doesnt work, so Im just waiting for them to fix it first.
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Your Java probably is on, but if you want to check, here you go.

Tools > Internet options > security > custom level > scroll down, and enable active scripting and java applets
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