This is what I consider one of my good Brutal, Gore songs.
Gimme good ctiricism, yes it's cheesy, but Brutal stuff is like a horror movie. So, enjoy!

"Brotherly Love"

I gouge them out,
Those which I despise,
His eyes and sight,
Leads to his demise.
Crunching sounds,
Come from his eyes (screech here)

I stuck him like a dog,
Then I tore his balls out and laughed,
At his liver coming down,
His cum mixed with blood.
I couldn't help it,
I laughed at his spinal cord

I peel his scalp,
And rip off his dick,
He seems dead,
But I can see it in his dismembered eyes.
He screams from inside,
His brain still thinks,
His heart still beats,
But, I care not at all.

I'm finally to the torso,
And, now I can feed,
Tear down and eat,
The blood of my kin,
My brother shrieks,
Sees his mother hanging,
His father banging my sister,
Then I Pull his brain out,
And finish the deed

Now my father,
He knows not my plan,
For me to kill,
And kill again,
He screeches at me,
As I twist his anus inside out
He cries and stumples,
squirting his semen on himself.
My laughter is dry,
As I cut and rip and eat

Have fun, I intentionally made it gory and sickening! =)
... I'm kind of appalled. If you were going for the shock factor, you got it, because after reading that, I'm horrified that you could write something like that. I'm not sure whether to congratulate you or condemn you...
Quote by wfbrady09
holy ****. i got sick thinking about it.

I'm guessing that's bad? I really forced the shock value, my usual lyrics are political condemnation, nuclear warfare, very tiny anti-christianity, slavery, philosophical views, and legends and mythology, this was just a ****ing gruesome song that came up after listening to Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy =).
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