I am trying get my whole step bends to proper pitch. I am using a tuner to make sure I am doing it right but here is the problem. When I push the string up to the max height and I mean to the MAX where it cannot go up anymore any my fingers are practically in pain pushing up the string (gauge 10 by the way), it STILL isnt even matched in pitch to a whole step! I have no idea what the problem could be. I am not a beginner, I have been playing long enough to know how to bend but I cannot fix this problem. i use 3 fingers and everything. Please Help
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where on the fretboard are you trying this?

if its near the bottom (by the nut) it might be dificult. try it past the 12th fret when youre practicing, that might be easier. as you slowly gain muscles in your hand and get a better ear in pitch, go to other strings, unison bending, and try getting the lower frets in pitch when you bend
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Just keep practising, your fingers will get stronger and youll be able to bend more without it hurting, its a long process, it wont happen overnight.
Hmm, unless you're bending near the nut or something, you shouldn't have too much trouble with full step bends. I'm guessing your fingers might need to strengthen up. Practice bending on the higher frets, they don't have to be full steps. Just bend, get your fingers used to it, and slowly bend more and more, and start going a bit lower on the fretboard.

If your fingers are in pain, you more than likely don't have any calluses yet. Just keep playing a Hell of a lot and they'll come, along with a greater ability to play.
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Basically all over its the same problem. I find it the middle is the hardest especially on the higher strings such as the high E. The high E is IMPOSSIBLE because I literally took my entire hand and stood the guitar upright pulling like mad and it wont go up anymore or get to the right pitch. I duunno if its a setup problem or what.
From my experience it takes some calluses and just a lot of practice. For a long time i bent the strings down and that made a big problem when i tried to bend on the high e because i couldnt bend up, it uses totally different muscles. Just practice, but dont push yourself to being in pain, #1 rule of playing guitar, if it hurts, you are doing something wrong. And you can quote that from any guitar teacher.
I actually do have callouses. I have been playing a lot for at least a year. It is more the joints of my fingers hurting from the extreme pressure i have to use.