I have been experiencing a problem with my amp recently, you can read through this and get a relative idea of whats going on. If you have any guesses or suggestions let me know

I went to play my Traynor YCV50Blue today, let it warm up, clicked off
standby and no sound would come out. I checked/changed cables and guitars
and the problem still persisted. Only a small, nearly in-audible sound came
out of the speaker when its volume was up half-way. Everything on the amp is
functioning properly along with the tubes, but it still continues to have
this problem. I bought this on e-Bay and its been working for nearly a year
now, but its past the 2-year warranty. It only suddenly stopped functioning
today. Any suggestions?


The first thing we need to do is to determine the status of the
power tubes. This amp has a shutdown circuit which will not allow the amp
out of standby if one of the power tubes has gone bad. To determine the
state of the power tubes you need only to remove both power tubes from the
amp and then try them in the play mode one at a time. So, remove both power
tubes and then replace only one of them. If the amp comes back to life,
allbeit with a lot of distortion and about half power, you will have
determined that the tube you have installed is functioning OK. If the amp
still remains dead, remove the tube and install the other tube and see if
the amp then comes back to life ( but distorted again). If the amp does not
resume operation with either power tube, we must then look at the preamp
tubes. Purchase a single 12AX7 tube and sequentially install it in the 3
seperate locations, trying the amp each time you change locations. If the
amp still does not respond, you will need to enlist the assistance of a
qualified tech.

Odds are that one of these test processes I have outlined, will
identify the culprit and you will then easily be able to get back on track

======Went through that process and it still has the same problem....
My YCV80 had a similar problem, and it was a resistor on the main board. The part was like $15 or so and the repair and installation ending up being around $50 or so. Don't know if it's your problem, but that's what was up with mine.
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