I'm just wondering if you guys can help me find the best Metal/Blues/Classical guitar.I would really like if you find me a dean or jackson but or any thatare under the 420$ mark.Please don't recommend any amps thanks cause I don't need any recommending cause i'm asking for a guitar and I need one with a floyd rose too.No fenders
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Ok here is what i like, and it happend by pure accident. Get a Fender mexican made Fat Strat, with the humbucker in the bridge postion. Now dont think i dont know good guitars, i would never play a fender normally i just dont like them, ive been playing 17 years. But anyways Buy a set of DiMarzio Evolution humbuckers, cut the slot in your neck pickup a little closer to the neck, and put in a dimarzio single coil, and HS3 will do the trick. You can get an Amazing metal sound out of it, as well as a really fat bluesy sound out of the neck pickup and if you have a 5 way switch in it, wich you already should, then the single coil/neck pickup mix is really hendrixy, where as the Bridge and middle together give you a Randy Rhoads sort of sound.
Do you have a guitar already? If you do, you should swap out the pickups, unless it's totally the worst guitar you've ever played. But if you're dead set on a new guitar, I'd suggest something with Duncans. I think the LTD EC-400 is around $400, and the sunburst comes with Duncans.
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