Alright, this has gotten me totally confused lately:

I used to pick with an anchored pinky (right hand pinky resting on my pickguard), and I never really cared much about it until I was advised to pick with a free hand. I started picking without anchoring about 4 months ago, and that was fine, but now there's a whole new problem (?).

I have no idea if I'm picking too much with my wrist instead of my elbow. Some people told me I should pick using totally my elbow, and others have said that I should pick using both. I had been picking with my wrist most of the time, and had not seen much improvement (after switching from anchored to unachored, I only went from about 7 nps to 8 nps, and I've been stuck at 8 nps for a long time now). I practice daily, about an hour or two, but I've been hovering at about 8 nps for freaken forever now, and I'm starting to think it's because I pick mainly with my wrist. So, am I supposed to pick with both my wrist and elbow, or exclusively either, or whatever?
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WRIST man when you get into alternate picking you will die if your using your elbow
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There is no "right way" to have a picking technique. As long as it doesn't look, seem or feel like your picking in a manner that looks too forceful or unnatural then you're free to adapt however it is you feel more at home with or what you feel you progress more with.

Try out different methods, of course, just don't try too long to try and optimise something that may not be a big factor. Perfect and work on the technique you find suits you rather than what you think you should do. You don't increase speed all the time, neither is it necessary, because speed is nothing without a solid bodied technique you can cycle through in your sleep as it's more reliable.

Wrist for the precise movements, elbow for the drive.
ALWAYS use your wrist whenever your playing. The only technique that uses the elbow is when you alternate pick chords. that should really be the only time you ever have to use your elbow. So remember to stick to the wrist.