Has anyone tried any of the mods offered by pedaldoc.com? They offer a couple different kits for the bos ds-1 and i just wanted to know if anyone has benefitted from one of these kits.
Most certainly.

The Boss DS-1 is a damn sweet pedal. On it's own it's.. eh. Usable, certainly, but not the greatest in the world. But once you get to modding it it easily gets to be one of the best distortion pedals you can buy, and cheap too.
I've tried just about all the kits out there and I would stay far far away from Pedal Doc. Their kits are comprised of very cheap components, didn't really improve the sound of my DS1 much, and added more noise to it. I felt ripped off, but thank God its $22 or so. Cheap lesson learned.

A pretty good kit would be from Monte Allums. Pretty solid components, I have their DS1 and MT2 kit and love it. The improvement is very noticeable, cost about the same as all the other DIY kits out there, about $20-$25.
lol, I was searching for anything new in the DIY kit scene, ran across this so I figured I throw in my 2 cent on the kits I've used. Didn't realize the date until you pointed it out. Wow haha.