ok heres my problem... ive been playing guitar for a little over a year, mostly acoustic, but early on and now ive been getting into electric. i play a lot of modern rock and pop-punk, and a little classic rock. i have good fingerspeed, and good chord movements, but i just cant seem to master full songs(mostly powerchords), and get them to sound exactly perfect with the record(most of the time, my powerchord progressions sound nothing like the original recording ). ive been using guitar pro, except that doesnt seem to help me. what is my problem? i want to play with a band, and learn songs all the way through, but i just cant seem to figure this **** out. what can i do to master songs?

thank you very much for your help
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cant learn full songs

If that were true, I'd pay you $100. However, it's all in your head. You can learn to play full songs. Take it slowly. Make sure everything you do is accurate. Also, if your playing doesn't sound like the recording, make sure you're in the right tuning.
I find that playing with the actual song when practicing is key to nailing songs, don't listen to the midis from guitar pro, play with the song
Practice? Learn them?
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I don't think it's really neccessary to learn full songs. I may be mistaken and it be a huge downfall, but I usually only ever learn certain phrasing so I can adapt it or riff structures/arrangements/chordal groupings. Learning full songs is just something that makes you a bedroom rockstar or comes in very handy with a large repetoire as a session musician.

I do, however, hardly ever learn solos; I know for a fact that that's a big problem.
Practice the chords. Make sure your in the right tuning (i. e. If the songs in e flat and you play it standard not realizing it, it will sound off.) Maybe get lessons?
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Learn just about any AC/DC song. I promise, after learning the first half, you would've learned the entire thing.

Or some Ramones. You only have 3 chords to learn
Listen song 3,4 times in the row before learning it.

Divide songs into parts (Verse, Chorus), don't try to take it all in one move.

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Thinkin' about getting the teacher maybe?
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pretty much what everyone else said. i recommend practicing with the original recording and definately learning an entire song. it doesn't just make you a "bedroom rockstar" i have sat down with my acoustic and blown through a full hour of covers and people tell me they hate it when someone sits down to play a song and only gets a fourth of the way through the song then stop cuz they dont know the rest of it. people are glad to hear a song in its entirety (and if you can sing it half decent, then yer a total rockstar)
Play the intro over and over
play the verse over and over

Play intro + Verse

Play chorus over and over

Play verse and chorus back to verse (if tahts the case) OVER AND OVER

Maybe the next day (or few days later) play from the top till that part over and over

Then try the outro or whatever else is there.

* By play i mean LEARN.

It works for me. I never jump to the next section till i master (within my skills) that section. It's a more organized way to learn and memorize the song.

When you study from a textbook, i hope you dont read the whole chapter in one shot, or do you?