how do you guys manage you time with your guitar? right now i'm trying to spend at least 2 hours playing, the first hour i practice and learn theory and the second hour i try to write some music....then i do that one day and the next instead of writing the second hour i learn a song...how do you guys split your practice time?
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I'm homeschooled so it's easy. However, it's not how much time you have, but what you do with the time you do have. An hour of serious dedicated practice is more beneficial then four of just messing around. So just do what you can.

edit: i missed the last sentance. sorry. What do you want to improve on? that's what we have to know before we can tell you what to work on.
I'd have to say that you need to make sure you aren't like me...wanking about just fiddling picking and strumming.....have a warmup.....have a peice or a song that is challenging.....then cool off with something you play well...

too bad I don't take my own advice V_v...
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