seems like i'm always playing the same thing, and i can't seem to break it. it's almost like a muscle-memory thing.
Think, don't just play from your fingers

Think about where how you want to sound, where you want to go, how you're going to move there.

EDIT: I remember having this discussion a while ago. You should practice as many different patterns/licks as you can so you can pull them out whenever you want when soloing. More practice will add more variety to your solos, as you will be able to move in many different ways to get where you want and get the sound you want. So all you have to think about is the sound, and not the physical playing.
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Sing the melodies in your head before you play it!! that helps me
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
Get into the unusual stuff and try to learn it.
Pick up some licks from music you don't usually play. Analyze some music and learn some new riffs, licks, songs. Think about your playing, and try to improvise without your common licks.

It will be hard and it won't sound good, in the beginning, but you'll free yourself from stale old patterns.
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seems like i'm always playing the same thing, and i can't seem to break it. it's almost like a muscle-memory thing.

That can happen if you get too bogged down in practicing scales for scales sake, or indeed if you do too puch practicing and not enough playing.

It sounds like your technically competent, so the thing you need to work on is your ears, learn to recognise notes, intervals and chords by their sounds. If you play a note and you know what the note three semitones up from it, for example, sounds like before you play it then that's a massive help.
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I do the same thing. Just force yourself to play something different. It has worked for me. It's good practice too because the more you make yourself change, the more variety you will have ready at a moments notice.