And I realize, in the episode where he investigates different races and music, John Mayer is the guitartist.

When I first saw it I had no idea who JM was...
Was this before he made it big?
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i don't think so...it was about the same time he was getting really popular

john mayer trio is quality stuff
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That episode came out in like 2004. John Mayer was popular since like 2001ish. John Mayer does a crazy awsome cover of The Different Strokes song and the first thing he plays in the office.
anyone know a link for that skit ?

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I just watched it too. The best was in the episode where Dave shows the unreleased stuff, in which is a clip of John, ?uestlove, and Dave singing/playing the Dukes of Hazzard theme.
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Haha, yeah that episode was awesome.
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next time i see a guitarist jamming out somewhere, i'm gonna yell "play the fight riff!"
Such a good episode!
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