just an idea is that at the end of this 3 part series cartman will be gay..i know it sounds crazy, but hes taking the ball sucking too literally and the show is emphasizing it. he always says 'suck my balls' but this is taking it to the extremes. heres a few clues-

first episode of new season, cartman screams me and my cousin touch wieners
second episode, hes convinced to get kyle to suck his balls
some random episode a few seasons back, cartman puts his dick in butters mouth and takes a picture doing a thumbsup
He also likes to dress up like Britany Spears and make out with a Justin Timberlake cut-out.
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i think either the creators or writers, or both, are gay..so it makes sense
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i think they are really good writers and there is a reason they are emphasizing the fact that he literally wants kyle to put his testicles in his mouth
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whoever just said that matt stone and trey parker are gay should leave nowww

I always thought they might be. Aren't they?
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member he gives ben afleck a hand job as J-Lo

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he IS gay. you dont see him talking about girls do ya? no.
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first episode of new season, cartman screams me and my cousin touch wieners

Yes, but he also said he has that huge crush on that one random chick
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I have a feeling Cartman won't get his way...since technically the leprachaun isn't real and it's just our imagination. Therefore, Kyle wins Cartman's money.
I think it would be a brilliant thing to do for the show, if they can do it the right way without slandering gay people.
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member he gives ben afleck a hand job as J-Lo

Isn't it technically a blow job, because it is J Lo's mouth, but it is drawn on his hand.

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Also, in one episode, at the end, Butters parents come home into their house and start beating up Butters, and Cartman pulls up a chair and says,
"If I was older, I would so be jacking off right now"

Anythings possible