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“Eric what did I tell you about that damn heavy metal ****? Now turn it down and pray to God I don’t come up there. I’ll rip the cord straight outta the back of your amp!”

Thinking this was just another bluff, Eric cranked his amp up to about 80% and shredded out a quick riff that echoed down the stairs. All of a sudden, Eric heard clunking footsteps coming up the stairs. Sweat started to bead up on his forehead as he noticed the hairs on the back of his neck. It was a Saturday night and Eric knew his Dad was more than likely hammered out of his mind. Eric started to pack a backpack of clothes. He had a few T-shirts loosely tossed into his backpack when he heard his door fly open. His dad had kicked the door open so hard that the knob put a hole straight through the drywall. His dad had always beat him every now and then when he deserved it; bad grades, ditching school, stuff like that.

This was a side of his dad he rarely saw. He dad’s face was beat red and he was fuming.

“Don’t you ever disrespect me in my house again!”

Eric didn’t really care what he did. His dad treated him like a piece of ****. And seeing that since his mom died there was nobody to hold Eric back, he egged his Dad on.

“Shut the f*ck up! I’ll do whatever I wanna do. You wanna do something about it? Try and stop me.”

Eric’s Dad pulled a bottle of vodka from behind his back. He lifted it above his head. He swung the bottle with great force and for a split-second, the image froze as the bottle caught a small glint from Eric’s lamp. Then Eric snapped back to reality when he heard the bottle crack over his Marshall. A loud sort of static sound rang in his ears. Black smoke started rolling out of his half-stack.

“Come on. Let’s see how you do against a couple shards of glass lodged in your skull you little son of a b*tch!”

Eric had to be on his toes and thinking fast. His dad took a step towards him. Eric noticed his hand reaching towards his old FirstAct. He backed up against his closet doors with his starter guitar in his hand. His Dad grazed the side of his face with the broken bottle. Eric felt blood run down his cheek. He muttered something under his breath.

“What’d you say boy?”


In a fit of rage Eric swung his guitar and struck his Dad square in the temple with the edge of his guitar. His Dad fell to the floor, completely unconscious. Eric saw blood start to soak into his carpeting. Afraid to stick around, Eric dug through his drawers. He pulled out a lighter, a pack of smokes, and a picture of his Mom. He tossed the smokes in his bag, then looked over at his Dad, lying still on the ground.

“Mom, you might have some company soon.”

Eric hopped out his back window with nothing but 3 days worth of clothes, a pack of smokes, his skateboard, and about 20 bucks. He knew he couldn’t go back home or to any of his relative’s houses.
He sat on a cold park bench for a few hours with thousands of ideas running through his head. He could go to city hall, get a work permit, and work a job most of the day till he had a substantial amount of money. A 15-year-old on the streets of Chicago isn’t gonna go anywhere without money.


He could go with the riskier idea. He could go to Alex’s house, knock on his window at two in the morning, and stay at his best friend’s house without anyone knowing but them.

Eric jumped on his board and took off towards Alex’s house with a breeze running through his shoulder-length hair. He was moving at a steady pace when about 4 blocks from the park, Eric saw cop lights reflected on the stop sign in front of him.

Eric got off his board. Running from the cops is not a time to hit a crack in the sidewalk on a board. He picked his board off and started sprinting. He picked the right time. He caught the fat ass completely offguard. Too out of shape to chase him, the cop got back into his car to chase him. But it was too late. Eric ducked into a shady spot and lost him.

He ran for a mile or so before he got tired. He tried to skate, but he was completely drained.

Eric passed out on the slide at the elementary school at what he guessed was about 4:30 AM.

He woke up 2 hours or so later with his head spinning, finding that his head had finally stopped bleeding. There was only a trickle of blood on the slide where he layed. He made his way to Alex’s house around 9 AM. Knowing Alex to be too lazy to bring a house key with him to school, he went to his bedroom, assuring himself the window was unlocked. He sat outside the window and lit up a cigarette. Finishing it off in two drags, he crawled through the bedroom window and headed for the house phone, picked it up, and dialed the high school.

“Hello, this is Mr. Miller calling for my son Alex. He has an orthodontist’s appointment and should walk home after 2nd hour.”

Alex was called out of his class, completely surprised. When he got home, he knew something was wrong. The house was dead silent. He walked into his bedroom and saw Eric laying on his bed.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

Please tell me what you think.
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that's a pretty ****in sweet story. you should put it in the guest columns section, though.
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Teenage agnst makes for easily botched writing, but I think it's very well executed, all things considered.

One thing...he should take a guitar with him when he runs!
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#4 ok that was slightly abrupt lol. it's pretty well written & it has boatloads of potential for more, so i say keep em coming.

edit: ^^^exactly. or a guitar must be crucial to his survival somehow.
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this is just the first part. and i submitted it to guest columns. i plan on many more. thx for the feedback.

EDIT: his other (not mentioned) is his uncle's SG (will play into future installments). would you run thru chicago with a gibson?
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sweeeet. this COULD be the start of one kick-*** story. I'm guessing that Alex kid will end up being a bassist/drummer or something of that nature?

and for the love of God, NO! you do NOT run (or skate for that matter) through the streets of Chigago with a Gibson. are you people insane!?
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Pure awesomeness, I think Nolan Whyte has some good competition, this is way edgier that anything Nolan's ever written.
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Awesome story... wow. Keep these coming.
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part 2 on the way should hopefully be completed and posted within 90 minutes
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pretty awesome so far, but is the dad dead or what???
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dude the edzact same thing happend to me, but the broken vodica bottl was a 22 hand gun and the firstact was my forehead.