Poll: Best Floating Tremolo
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Original Floyd Rose
31 53%
4 7%
2 3%
Ibanez Edge
20 34%
Gotoh Floating trem
1 2%
Voters: 58.
I have heard a bunch of people who prefer different floating trems and I would like to know what UG thinks is the best for their guitar. It would be cool if you gave a little explanation with your vote, just for the hell of it.
Ibanez Edge
nothing else comes close
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Honestly: Nothing beats the Original.

Sure I dig the Edge and ZR's, and the Gotoh's and Kahler's..

but the feel of the original is unbeatable. Just the right amount of resistance, and I don't really dig low-profile floyds
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Original Edge, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro, ZR and Double Edge; they're all great.
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I really dig the Kahler trem. I find them far superior to the OFR and the Edge I tried.

Though the OFR stays intune better WHILE playing with bending and stuff, I really like to play a Kahler. They all got their pro's and con's.
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Never tried anything but OFR, don't really need to either. Keeps the tuning and you can do all the cool whammy tricks without any problem.
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I wouldn't really have much of a problem with any of those, to be honest... not too familiar with the kahler, though.
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Original Edge, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro, ZR and Double Edge; they're all great.

I'm gonna say the OFR beats the Edge. Not because of quality, but because the fucking Edge arm holders always come lose dammit. You can adjust the tension quite easily on an OFR. I'd say they hold tune equally well.

Edge and Lo-Pro Edge that is.

OFR > Edge Pro = ZR.
Isnt the Kahler the one thats just mounted on the front of the guitar and doesnt need any routing? If so thats the one I like the most.
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to all those who said the ZR, with the zero point system engaged the bridge isnt full floating is it?

I see this question all the time, but all it is is some weird urban myth. Here's a thing that explains the use of the ZPS (thanks to Pifty):
I would like to try a Kahler, but I would also like to hear how it differs from an OFR or Ibanez Edge. I have a lot of experience with both of those trems.