Before you say use the search function, i have. I have been searching for an hour and i have to go to bed. Im so pissed right now.

I need a song that is not hard, but also has some simple sweep patterns in it.


i wanted to play i'm alright by neil zaza, but i cant find a tab with acurate sweeps.
welcome home by coheed and cambria

the beginning has some good sweeps

it has sweet harmonics too..
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man listen to icon player. welcome home is about as beginner as it gets, plus its an amazing song for a beginner to know how to play.
Do you have some basic sweeps down?

I would suggest to just do some sweep excersies (and increase until you get at least a 5 string sweep down).
"Basic sweeps" really do not exist ive noticed, its all quite complicated until you get the patterns down. I like doing simple patterns over and over till I master them, then you can learn other patterns and use them in songs you find. In the same way there are no real "basic" ones, there are not many "hard" sweep patterns once you learn the shapes. And before some asshole comes and pastes some DT **** and says hows that for hard, I was just trying to make a dumb point.
But.... The first patters I learned were from seize the day.
This one is pretty accurate.
That's his live version, and the sweeps(there's only a few in the solo-y bit, and none IIRC in the recorded version) are damned monsters. 31 nps if I calculated correctly(although he doesn't play it very cleanly in the video).
Septuplet Thirty-second notes at 135 bpm.
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