This is a Punk band in Reno that has been around for 2 years now
The Name is:

Charge Forward

Our Myspace is: http://www.myspace.com/chargeforward


Fernando Rivera (Lead Vocals)
Alex Mowat (Drums, Background Vocals)
Oscar (Bass, background Vocals)
Kevin Rich (Guitar)

The Band was started by Donnie (guitar, Vocals), Alex Mowat and Fernando Rivera (bass, vocals) in early 2006. I was offered to be in the band at the time but wasn't sure. After awhile Fernando left the Band and the band was left without a bass player. This is when Oscar Joined as the bass Player. After a few shows Donnie became a druggie and began to play crappy. So the band Dropped him and began to look for a new vocalist and guitar player. The band convinced Fernando to join again as the vocalist. Then the band begain to look for a guitar player. I was offered in August 2007 and I accepted. We just played our first show with me at Fritz bar and Grill in Reno on October 14, 2007.