What is the differnce between a

Peavey 5150 II


Peavey 5150 besides theres a 2 ? Anything majorly differnt, is one better then the other? Thanks
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Nvm, sorry found it. Justh as another pre amp tube. CLOSED
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it's more than just a preamp tube. The + has seperate EQ's for the rhythm and lead channels.


The 5150(II) and 6505(+) are the same btw, they had to change the names when Ed left. The original block letters (front panel) were said to use better parts, but that may have been just the tubes I've been told. There is a giant 5150 thread around if you search, has a lot of questions and answers.
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Tonally, its not the same either.

The 5150 is darker sounding compared to the brighter sounding 5150II, though the 5150 combo is the darkest imo. 5150II has less gain compared to the 5150 head. The cleans on the II is slightly better than the 5150 head. Tonally, if you want a "brutal" sounding distortion, 5150 is better at that than the II imo.

And if you get either of these amps, be sure to have it biased warmer. The factory bias is way too cold to get the power tubes cooking. Once its biased warmer, you'll get much better cleans.
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